American Towman

ANN has partnered with American Towman Magazine to deliver unique content that debuts with each new release at AT-TV is the exclusive online video magazine serving the towing and recovery industry.

Specifications and Distribution

  • AT-TV provides a continuous stream of news and information for the American Towman, easily accessible, and permanently enduring on the AT-TV online news portal.
  • AT-TV is distributed to email lists featuring 15,000+ industry subscribers from over 38,000 American Towman Magazine readers.
  • Viewers are encouraged to sign-up on the online portal to receive the latest news updates most pertinent to them.
  • Sponsorship packages are offered to organizations that have a vested interest specific to the target market.
  • American Towman Media Inc. has over twenty years of brand name association within the towing industry.
  • AT-TV is prominently marketed within the American Towman magazine as the online companion. AT-TV also benefits from complementary online linking from American Towman Media Inc. online content.