Automotive Recycler TV

ANN has partnered with the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) to bring you Automotive Recycler TV (AR TV), an online video program that delivers unique, exclusive content to thousands of interested parties within the automotive recycling industry. AR TV delivers unique content and debuts news releases weekly at

Specifications and Distribution

  • AR TV provides a stream of news and industry-related information for Automotive Recyclers around the world.
  • Your Pre-Roll advertisement is easily accessible, and permanently enduring on the AR TV news portal.
  • AR TV is distributed weekly to an e-mail list featuring 8,000+ industry professionals including the membership base of the ARA.
  • Limited sponsorship packages are offered to organizations that have a vested interest in the automotive recycling industry.
  • AR TV is prominently marketed within the Automotive Recyclers Association as the online companion with links, press releases, trade show exposure, and more.
  • AR TV is also distributed through YouTube, Facebook, and other social media outlets.