Eyecare Business TV

ANN has partnered with Eyecare Business Magazine to create Eyecare Business TV (EB-TV), an online video program that delivers unique, exclusive content to thousands of interested parties within the eyecare industry. EB-TV is poised to be the eyecare professional's trusted video news vehicle.

Specifications and Distribution

  • EB-TV provides a stream of news and industry-related information for eyecare professionals around the world.
  • Your Pre-Roll advertisement is easily accessible, and permanently enduring on the EB-TV news portal.
  • EB-TV is iphone and iPad friendly and viewable online at: www.eyecarebusiness.tv
  • EB -TV is distributed bi-weekly, with approximately 4 stories per release.
  • Limited sponsorship packages are offered to organizations that have a vested interest in the eyecare industry.
  • EB-TV is on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets.