Every Major Publication Is Now Online

Those that have not evolved a web companion to their print editions have suffered loss of readership. Now, online video is becoming a necessary prerequisite to ensuring a positive experience for your loyal fan-base. Our production team works with you to build your complementary online channel and produce the content that empowers your publication as a next-generation player for decades to come.

The Features

  • An online news portal is created and branded for your publication.
  • Your portal displays the latest industry news and video content we produce together.
  • Content ranges from an extension of traditional print coverage to standalone editorial features and late-breaking news.
  • We work with you in managing social media, online, mobile, and offline distribution and marketing, as well as integration of content with existing online collateral.
  • Together, we sell advertising to industry-dominant companies and sponsors who have a vested interest in reaching your niche-specific readership.

The Benefits

  • Extend your publication's recognition and reach beyond traditional print media.
  • Protect your publication from reduced readership associated with the digitization of media.
  • One-up your competition and identify yourself as innovative and ahead of the curve.
  • Offer your members a more exciting, entertaining, form of communication.
  • Build your subscriber base by reaching new customers and ensuring renewals.
  • Invest in a next-generation business model using our technological know-how. You focus on the content; we take care of the rest.
  • Increase your bottom-line and position yourself for the next era of media consumption.
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